Private boat trip for 9 hours leaving at 08:00 am (meeting point 30 min before) with the option to do 8 hours in a row or do 4 hours of fishing 1 hour of rest in which we can enjoy a delicious ceviche the house made with our morning catches and then continue fishing for 4 more hours.
(maximum 6 people) 


fins, lycra or wetsuit, weight belt, knife, gloves, speargun, mask, snorkel, float line, buoy, spare equipment, water and soda, professional guide, captain, licenses for each hunter, professional Photography


Beginning the day Mati & Santi (the guides) will explain in detail all the safety rules, how to use the spearfishing equipment and how to have more possibilities to capture the prey.
We will also explain what type of seabed we will see and at what depth we will hunt. Once in the hunting area, the guide will start looking for the best areas and fishing spots. We will be hunting in more than one place and not always at the same depth. This will depend on how comfortable the hunters feel and of course on the good fishing.

Our work tools are of the best brands and quality in the world, in addition to providing meticulous daily maintenance, so you can be sure that you will never have any problem with your equipment

we will make sure you have a spearfishing day that you never forget!


  • 1  HUNTERS: 650 USD p/hunter
  • 2 HUTERS 325 USD  p/hunter
  • 3 HUNTERS: 283 USD p/hunter
  • 4 HUNTERS: 262 p/hunter
  • 5 HUNTERS: 230 USD p/hunter
  • 6 HUNTERS: 225 USD p/hunter
  • SNORKELERS: 100 USD per person

    * 6 hunters maximum.

*All prices are departing from Playa del Carmen.