Max People         Duration         Excursion Type
          6                    9 hours           Reef Hunting
Limit Depths                                Min. Age
  15ft-100ft                                         10+
Max People



9 hours

Excursion Type

Reef Hunting

Limit Depths


Min Age



Full Day
Half Day


Embark on an epic 9-hour private charter, tailor-made for avid water enthusiasts. Guided by the expertise of Mati & Santi, explore the dynamic realms of shallow and deep reefs, with an optional adrenaline spike in bluewater action. A concise yet thorough briefing covers safety protocols and spearfishing techniques, ensuring you're ready for a secure and successful expedition.

Intermittent breaks offer a chance to savor freshly prepared ceviche onboard. Our high quality equipment, diligently maintained for a seamless underwater experience.

Navigate through multiple hunting spots, thoughtfully chosen based on comfort levels and the serch of a rewarding catch. Beyond just spearfishing, our aim is to craft an unforgettable day that becomes a highlight in your aquatic escapades. Join us for a journey beneath the waves that promises excitement, refreshment, and enduring memories.



Prep Talk: Dive into the day with a laid-back briefing by our cool guides, Mati & Santi. Learn the ropes on safety, gear, and snagging that trophy fish.

Deep & Shallow Dive: Explore both shallow and deep reefs, or rev it up with some bluewater action. It's a watery playground for everyone.

Chow Down Break: Take a breather for some onboard ceviche, keeping you fueled up and ready for the next underwater escapade.

Strategic Fishing: Hit up multiple spots, deep or not-so-deep, based on your vibe and where the fish are throwing the party.

Gear Game: Trust in our top-notch gear, always ready for action, ensuring your underwater expedition is smooth sailing.


Plunge into a spearfishing saga that's not just a day on the water—it's a memory etched in your underwater scrapbook. We promise you an adventure that stands out, a day that's not easily forgotten, a splash of memories that linger long after you've dried off!


Boat (panFull Dayga 25" with shade)

Full DayFillet fish.

Full DayDrinks, fruits, snacks and ceviche.

Full spearfishing gear (if you have we highly recommend to bring it)


Photographer (photos for free)


Full DayFishing licences (Mandatory) click here to get yours

Full DayGratiuties.

Full DayVacuum Sealing and freezing.

Optionable boat upgrade (Contact us for more info)


1  HUNTERS: 16000 MXN Pesos p/hunter

2 HUTERS 8000 MXN Pesos  p/hunter

3 HUNTERS: 6600 MXN Pesos p/hunter

4 HUNTERS: 6000 MXN Pesos p/hunter

5 HUNTERS: 5540 MXN Pesos p/hunter

6 HUNTERS: 5220MXN Pesos  p/hunter

SNORKELERS: 2000 MXN Pesos per person

* Minimum cover 16000 MXN Pesos.
*All prices are based from Playa del Carmen.



Your deposit is non-refundable if you choose to cancel after your space has been confirmed as each Spearfishing trip is unique and require longer lead times and much earlier commitments and payments from us to our service providers like tour guides, Captain and boat.

When you cancel with a 48 hour notice or more, we only keep the deposit as an administrative fee.
When you cancel within less than 48 hours or last minute, we would need you to cover a cancellation fee of $250 US dollars on top of the deposit, to cover the arrangements booked in advance such as the transportation service (if required), private guide, captain and other services we pay in advance.
Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel. The transportation service (if required) asks for a 48 hour notice for all cancellations. A private guide is also booked in advance; therefore your guide will reject all other work opportunities for that date.
We always wish the best for you and your vacation! We are looking forward to meeting you and hope you feel the same way.

If you wish to change dates less than 48 hours before the originally stipulated date, it will be possible only if we have availability for the dates you are looking for or if the weather permits.
In case we do not have availability and/or the weather is not favorable, there will be no refund of the deposit.
Having said that, we can always save the deposit for your next trip to the Riviera Maya (for one year).