About us


SpearfishingCaribe is a group of local hunters that is far from being a "big company". We are simply addicted to spearfishing.

Our main objective is not only that you have an excellent fishing throughout the day, but that you have an unforgettable day with us, helping you to learn a little about our way of seeing the world.

we love to hunt, we love to eat, swim, laugh and help keep our reefs and oceans clean; so also teach you the most sustainable way of fishing that has ever existed.

Our hunting trips are unique, we try to go to the points where the other hunters do not go and to the less known and crowded places to make your day a unique experience.

For us spearfishing Is not about get the biggest fish or a lot of them. Is all about spend some quality time in the water, looking at all the different marine life and water sceneries the earth offers, if you are lucky enough to get a fish to eat, you will experience one of the most fulfilling moment that exist... Harvest your own food!!!

The Crew

MATIAS SENESTRARI (guide & founder)


Since I was a child I dreamed of living near the sea. I think that because where I was born, Córdoba, Argentina, the nearest sea is 800 km away and it is not a trip that my family made often.I always loved being in the water and visiting my uncle in the mountains where there were beautiful rivers. That was my greatest approach to water that I could have and therefore absolute happiness.

I learned to fish for mojarras (small river fish) by putting bread in plastic bottles and waiting as quietly as possible in the river to get a good catch.


My first encounter with salt water was something that marked me for life ... and even though it was 5 days in La Serena, Chile, I still remember my dad fishing for fish and crabs to eat at night and running along some very long beaches with my brothers . After that, my second encounter with the sea was in Brazil, 10 years later without knowing spearfishing yet, I liked to grab sticks and sharpen them to catch a fish with a spear (without success). Years later I was able to step on the Argentine sea and decided at that moment that in some way or another I was going to live near the sea.

When the time came to travel, I decided that Mexico would be where my adventure would begin, but I never knew that I would fall in love with its cultures, traditions, foods ... oooh Mexican food !! and above all ... the beautiful caribbean sea.

It was at 22 years old that I heard about spearfishing and I had the opportunity to snorkel for the first time (yes, you read correctly, at 22 years old I used a mask and snorkel for the first time), which made my life change forever, and released something in me that was trapped. There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the world under water. From the moment I discovered this incredible way of life, I have not passed a day in which I stopped thinking about the sea and the desire to be in it, and I understood how important it is to learn to hunt and grow your own food and respect it as must be


And so it was that, thanks to a long list of causalities, and after a long list of quitting jobs that did not fill my soul, I took the leap and chose to follow my dreams to practice and teach spearfishing. Thanks to my beautiful wife who always supported me and motivated me to keep going, and so, I started my own project on spearfishing trips.


And so it was that after years of having explored many corners and cracks on the rocks throughout the Mexican Caribbean, I find myself taking others to the same places and sharing the adventure with them. Each time is as exciting as the first, it is never the same, there is always something new.


There is something in the sea that takes away all the negative energies that one carries and helps me to enter a state of peace and tranquility that simply remains to be appreciated. Perhaps my roots and ancestors come from the sea and that is why this connection is so strong. And so, that the salt continues to flow in my veins, and that the pachamama allows me to continue exploring and teaching the wonders of the marine world, so that many generations learn that the only way to live on this planet is in harmony with it


CHINO (captain)



Chino is not a man of many words, but we can tell you that he is a lover of the sea, an excellent captain with more than 20 years of experience, a great fisherman and a connoisseur of every point, cave, hideout of the Mayan Riviera, super willing to help both to guides and guests. speaks fluent english. father of 2 children.


SANTIAGO BRENNER (photographer & founder)


Artist of light

Born and rise at  the feet of the Sierras Chicas “land of wild pig knife hunters” located in Jesus Maria, Cordoba, Argentina.

I spend all my childhood surrounded by nature and living in freedom exploring the landscapes, rivers and diverse flora and fauna of the region.

After a few years, I became a hunting guide thanks to my uncle Gabi! During 7 years I had chance to work in Cordoba, Argentina in one of the finest hunting companies -Thanks Alex and Zeke -, and for seasons in other countries. Guiding deer “bow” hunting in Arkansas, EEUU - Thanks Jason & Bobo -. Fishing in the Amazon River, Manaus, Brazil - Thanks cap. Rob -. In those years I learn a lot about how to be respectful whit nature, and hunt in a responsible way taking only what you are going need and be sustainable at all times.

One day I get an offer, to change one of my guns for a photo camera, best deal I ever make, after 5 minutes I know that a new passion was born, hunting through the lens gave me a completely new perspective, nature and travel photography has been my passion since then.

Few months later I travel to Mexico for vacations, and as soon as arrived to Playa del Carmen, pum ,I know that I wanted to spend some time here! It’s been 8 beautiful years, I started working as a tour guide & photographer in  snorkeling tours companies, soon and I begin to admire, this new magnificent world, full of live, turtles, whale sharks, mantas, thousands of fishes and a infinity of marine life “The ocean”, the place where if feel at home! Soon I was learning how to free dive, scuba dive, flotability techniques, to be calm and enjoy every second in the water.


After a few talks about it, a friend invites me spearfishing, and guess what happened? - A total connection sudenly all get together snorkeling, underwater sceneries and hunting! One of the most spectacular days of my life! Since then I have been working with Mati, building a dream, “Spearfishing Caribe”  to lead people in to unforgettable trips, showing and teaching a sustainable way of life, so the next generations can have the chance to see this beautiful world we live!


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