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Join us to enjoy a day of spearfishing in the stunning waters of the Mexican Caribbean...

You just have to bring your lungs!!

The Trips



In case none of our options meet your expectations, you can send us an email indicating all your specifications about how you would like your hunting day, places, schedules, equipment, etc.


About Us

SpearfishingCaribe is a group of local hunters that is far from being a "big company". We are simply addicted to spearfishing.

Our main objective is not only that you have an excellent fishing throughout the day, but that you have an unforgettable day with us, helping you to learn a little about our way of seeing the world.

we love to hunt, we love to eat, swim, laugh and help keep our reefs and oceans clean; so also teach you the most sustainable way of fishing that has ever existed.

Our hunting trips are unique, we try to go to the points where the other hunters do not go and to the less known and crowded places to make your day a unique experience.

For us spearfishing Is not about get the biggest fish or a lot of them. Is all about spend some quality time in the water, looking at all the different marine life and water sceneries the earth offers, if you are lucky enough to get a fish to eat, you will experience one of the most fulfilling moment that exist, to get your own food!!!

Our Official Suppliers

We make sure we have the best equipment on the market at your disposal, so you should only worry about your aim