Private boat trip

 Duration: 5 hours

Join us in a half day trip you will never forget, starting the day we will explain in detail all the safety rules, how to use the spearfishing equipment and how to have more possibilities to capture the prey. Doesn’t matter if you have non-experience or a lot!
We guarantee that our trip leaders have outstanding aquatic and hunting skills, we also strive to be personable, friendly, attentive and dedicated to deliver a rewarding and successful experience, ensuring you will take hunting to the next level.

This half day trip was designed for those ones who want to spend a few hours spearing in the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, we will explore some reefs, ledges and caves, and not always at the same depth that will depend on how comfortable the group or hunter feels and looking to the best places according whit the conditions of the day.

To finish the day in the best way we will prepare a delicious and fresh ceviche (secret recipe) with the fresh catches in one of the many paradisiacal beaches of the Mexican Caribbean.
Our main goal is to give you an unforgettable experience, focusing on put you in the right place at the right moment so you can get the best chances to shoot the fish of your life!We have the best brands and quality equipment in the world, in addition to providing meticulous daily maintenance, so you can be sure that you will never have any problem with your equipment.

The great advantage of having a private tour is that the guide can focus specifically on the interest of a hunter or a group that way we can provide the best personalized service.


fins, lycra or wetsuit, weight belt, gloves, spearguns, mask, snorkel, float lines, buoys, spare equipment, waters, beers and sodas, professional guides, captain, licenses for each hunter, professional photography, best ceviche ever!


1  HUNTERS: 420 USD p/hunter

2 HUTERS 210 USD  p/hunter

3 HUNTERS: 173 USD p/hunter

4 HUNTERS: 155 p/hunter

5 HUNTERS: 144 USD p/hunter

6 HUNTERS: 136 USD p/hunter

SNORKELERS: 60 USD per person

* Minimum cover 420 USD.

*All prices are departing from Playa del Carmen.